Italy, almost always sunny, is famous for its fresh fruit and vegetables. These foods are the foundation of almost all Italian cooking. Italian food requires the natural flavor of the food be most prominent. As a result it seems that there is less meat in the Italian diet, the people preferring the fruit and the vegetables. If fruit and vegetables are the foundation of most Italian cooking then pasta must be Italy's greatest contribution to world cuisine as it is the base to which those fresh ingredients are added. Some might say pizza is Italy's most famous contribution to world cuisine.
Regardless of your view I think we all agree pizza and pasta are fantastic!! Another feature of Italian cuisine is that their desserts are lighter than French desserts and not as sweet, again, emphasizing the natural flavor of food. I have included some photos from one of my recent trips to Italy for your viewing. I hope you enjoy them. Please note the magnificent earth colours of Italian buildings.

Gwai Lo

A pizza maker getting ready to put his pizza in the oven

A beautiful "fresco" in the town of Assisi

Gwai Lo in an Italian restaurant

A street in Florence looking towards the cathedral

A quaint hotel in the heart of Rome

The Colosseum

The Gwai Lo and his two friends

The Gwai Lo and Nando won three times playing an Italian card game

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