France is rich in agriculture. This great agricultural base is reflected in its food. Sauce is made of wine, cream, butter, vegetables or a combination of any of these items feature prominently in the cuisine. Meat, game, fowl, fish and seafood provide the basis of the first two courses. Pastries and desserts help finish a meal or can provide a mid-day snack. Wine is perhaps the greatest achievement of France. Dry wines (wines which are not sweet), as well as sweet wines, can be found in either red or white forms and are either generally light or heavy. The abundant supply of wine provide an infinite range of choice of wine to match with any food. Included in this section are some photos from my recent trip to France. I hope you enjoy them.

Gwai Lo

French Homestead


Fauchon - a wonderful food shop in Paris

The Pai Pyramid at the Louvre

The Royal Dining Room at the Louvre

Living Room in the Royal Apartments at the Louvre

French Wine Maker Maurice Gavignet and the Gwai Lo

Versailles Gardens - A mile long

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